Is Extreme Fast Charging the answer to mass adoption of electric vehicles?

“An electric vehicle is already a much better driving experience but people still get concerned about access to chargers or range — and that’s what we’re here to solve. We’re not the only ones using silicon, but we are the only ones looking at it for extreme fast charging.”

“BP realised someone has moved the cheese — they don’t want to be like Kodaq and they saw back in 2018 that they needed to totally reinvent themselves for charging instead of fuelling. The whole forecourt model cannot work if charging is not in minutes — not only the real estate but also the retail — if you buy a cup of coffee and sit for three hours, even if you also bought a falafel — it doesn’t work as it has to be minutes in and out.”

“For years we had 35 PhDs working really hard, and there was some frustration. Essentially two faculties worth of researchers practically doing one thesis — this is an enormous research power. We were stuck at 150 to 200 charging cycles for a number of years and really you need to have a critical mass of data before you can start employing the machine learning tools that will highlight the best formulations.

Because no human can look at all the data — every second we’re uploading data and so we have petabytes of it sitting in the cloud, but for this to be valuable for machine learning you need a critical mass of sufficient data from experiments that are alike.

Over time we built a state-of-the-art database and in the last two years we crossed this threshold of getting value from our historic data with machine learning and that’s also helped more intelligent design of experiments. That’s what tipped us from a few hundred charging cycles to over a thousand cycles which is really, you know “wow”.”

“You have to keep the vision and know this is possible, we will crack it. Keeping the business going based on a scientific vision, it’s been a wild ride.”



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Imogen Pierce


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