The Week in Mobility News — 04 December 2020

  • The Indian Ministry for Road Transport and Highways has mandated that OLA and Uber drivers be limited to operating to 12 hours a day and that a minimum of 80% of the ride hailing fare must go to the drivers — Intelligent Transport
  • GM walks away from equity stake in Nikola — Freight Waves
  • After going after Nikola, Hindenburg research is attacking Kandi — Inside EVs
  • Ports in the US are facing major traffic jams following rise in e-commerce — Marketplace
  • Ikea are using drones to help automate warehouse management -Ikea Today
  • Tesla, Rivian, Uber and Arrival form zero emission transportation association (ZETA) — The Verge
  • Autonomous vehicle company Zoox will reveal it’s vehicle on 14 December 2020 —
  • AI Driven Platform predicts mechanical machine errors — Springwise
  • ABB installs 1000th fast charger in Norway —
  • Smart on street EV charging trial to take place in Camden and Brent in industry first project — Current+-
  • Tesla recalls 9500 vehicles in the US following roof failure — Reuters
  • RABus Consortium — is testing electrified and autonomous buses as part of public passenger transit in regular urban traffic
  • Gojek was founded in 2010 in Indonesia as a ride-hailing company and now offers over 20 services from logistics, payments and entertainment
  • Tortoise — has created remotely controlled trolleys that are driven by trained teleoperators for last mile delivery solutions
  • Happy Returns — is helping logistics companies reduce the burden and cost of returning goods purchased online
  • Ark1 — “a fully featured towable trailer home for the digital age”



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Imogen Pierce

Imogen Pierce

Fully Charged, ex-Arrival Ltd —Sustainability, Mobility, Tech, Books and anything in between