The Week in Mobility News — O5 November 2020

  • Why most electric trucks will elect for overnight charging — McKinsey
  • Pneumatic underground tubes for waste removal are gaining traction in the US — Axios
  • Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo will remove half of the city’s parking spaces — Forbes
  • Inside Alibaba’s new retail strategy
  • Architect Bjarke Ingels proposes plan to redesign Earth and stop climate change — Dezeen
  • Uber’s driver rating system is biased — NPR
  • Tesla to launch a new service centre every week in 2021 — Electrive
  • GM announces e-crate conversion kit — Electrek
  • California voters approved Prop22 meaning Uber and Lyft can continue to classify drivers as independent contractors -Business Insider
  • Alphabet’s latest moonshot is a plant inspecting robo-bugg — TechCrunch
  • Korea’s delivery drivers demand change — BBC News



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Imogen Pierce

Imogen Pierce

Fully Charged, ex-Arrival Ltd —Sustainability, Mobility, Tech, Books and anything in between